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Fond du Lac County - Farmland Preservation Plan


Fon du Lac County, WI

Project Description

  • Martenson & Eisele, Inc. was hired by Fond du Lac County to update the county’s farmland preservation plan which dated back to 1982.  The new farmland preservation plan was required to meet the revised farmland preservation program as amended in 2009 under the State of Wisconsin Working Lands Initiative (ch. 91, Wis. Stats).     

  • M&E worked closely with Fond du Lac County Planning Staff to develop a science-based approach to determine farmland preservation areas within all 21 county towns.  The planning effort was guided by a committee comprised of agricultural professionals who had significant knowledge of the agricultural economy and industry. In addition, meetings were held in cluster groups with town officials to review the farmland preservation plan maps and text. 

  • The certified Farmland Preservation Plan qualifies land owners to obtain farmland tax credits if their land is identified in the plan as a protection area and is zoned by a farmland preservation zoning district. As a result of the effort, all towns in Fond du Lac County will continue to administer farmland preservation zoning ordinances. 


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