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Engineering Projects

Serving clients for over 40 years throughout Wisconsin

Village of Little Chute


Little Chute, Wisconsin

Key Services

  • Planning, Environmental, Surveying, Civil Engineering, and Construction Services

Project Description

  • Construction of a new large trucking facility on a 34-acre site

M&E Delineation Results

  • Performed a feasibility study to assess the environmental, wetland, traffic, and soils conditions of the site

  • Coordinated with Structural Architectural, and Mechanical designers to meet all building needs within the Civil plans

  • Designed site grading to handle all site drainage while meeting strict requirements for allowable slopes in truck driving areas

  • Designed a large underground stormwater detention system to maximize developable land

  • Obtained necessary permits for site development, erosion control, utility services, culvert extension, and utility crossings through wetlands

  • Oversaw project construction and coordinated work between contractors and owner

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