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Engineering Projects

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Vinland Street Pulverize and Repave (MLS)


Town of Oshkosh, WI


Key Services

  • Grant Administration

  • Civil Engineering

  • Construction Services

Project Description

  • Vinland St., a boundary collector road, had been severely deteriorating over the years due to industrial semi-truck and construction equipment traffic.

  • Traffic safety was becoming a concern due to unmanageable deep rutting, potholes and lack of street crown.

  • Due to limited funding, the Town applied for and received an MLS/TRID grant.

M&E Approach

  • M&E helped the Town administer the MLS/TRID grant and provided specification and bidding services per program requirements.

  • Provided onsite inspection and construction management as needed throughout the project.

  • Maintained local industrial, residential, and school traffic during construction activities.

  • Provided Town and City representatives with ongoing status reports.

Vinland Street1.jpg

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