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Broadway Hill Estates Subdivision


Appleton, Wisconsin

Key Services

  • Surveying / Platting

  • Civil Engineering

  • Construction Services

Project Description

  • M&E was hired to conceptualize and design Broadway Hills Estates for a private developer.

  • The City of Appleton approached M&E to consider regionalization of the ponds for offsite areas and future road improvements.

M&E Delineation Results

  • Provided field surveying services to determine existing topography.

  • Determined offsite drainage areas entering the site.

  • Due to the large disturbance area and diverging existing drainage patterns, two stormwater ponds were proposed to manage runoff quantity and quality.

  • Facilitated cost-sharing efforts through determining treated drainage basins per owner (City vs. Developer).

  • Coordinated bidding services and construction management to ensure quality ponds, streets and lots.

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