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Engineering Projects

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Kimberly-Clark West Offices – Parking Lot Reconstruction & Plaza


Village of Fox Crossing, WI

Key Services

  • Surveying

  • Civil Engineering

  • Construction Services

Project Description

  • The Kimberly Clark Main Headquarters Parking Lots were due for reconstruction and KC wanted them to be re-designed to improve pedestrian traffic and safety, increase the density of available parking, and reduce congestion during peak traffic times.

  • Site storm water management and drainage needed re-evaluation and improvements to meet current municipal and state requirements

  • The facility landscaping and lighting needed improvements to improve campus safety and ascetics.

M&E Approach

  • M&E performed the necessary field work and site modeling to generate plans to design the parking lot and drainage infrastructure improvements around.

  • M&E worked with other design firms to develop a cohesive improvement plan to meet all KC design objectives

  • M&E worked with construction contractors to successfully bid out and administer the parking lot reconstruction.

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