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Environmental Projects

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City of Oshkosh, Winnebago County


Oshkosh, Wisconsin

Project Description

  • Identify wetland resources within the undeveloped portion of the property for the possible additional building space or parking area

  • Total Project Area is 5.148 acres and base upon results of the Delineation, there is 1.207 acres of Wetlands

M&E Delineation Results

  • 50% of the Property is developed (building, parking lot, and gravel storage) the remaining 50% is lawn area and stormwater runoff pond/wetland

  • Soils Report; area is comprised of well drained Kewaunee silt loam, poorly drained Poygan silty clay loam and somewhat poorly drained Manawa silty clay loam

  • The Wisconsin Wetland Inventory Classification is = Emergent Narrow-leaved persistent Wet soil, Palustrine with consideration that the wetland is an excavated area = (E2Kx).

  • The majority of the area of investigation is considered upland except the area where the pond is located and the drainage ditch along the south property line.

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