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Environmental Projects

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Town of Omro, Winnebago County


Omro, Wisconsin

Project Description

  • Identify wetland resources located within the area of investigation for the development of the property into a storage unit complex on the upland areas and to avoid filling of any wetlands.

  • Total Project Area is 25.98 acres and base upon results of the Wetland Delineation, there is an 11.89 acre area of Wetlands.

M&E Delineation Results

  • M&E staff determined that the wetland area is associated with the north portion of the cropped field and the west area from the cropped field to the road ditch which is currently fallow land. This wetland area appears to have developed due to the surface water runoff and ponding for long enough periods of time to meet the criteria for wetlands due to saturated soil conditions.

  • According to the soil reports, the area of investigation is comprised of poorly-drained – Korobago silty loam (KyA), a well-drained – Tustin fine sand (TuB), a somewhat poorly-drained Morocco loamy fine sand (MoA), somewhat poorly drained Manawa silty clay loam (MaA) and a poorly drained Poygan silty clay loam (Pu).  

  • The Wisconsin Wetland Inventory Classification for this wetland would be = E1Kf Emergent/wet meadow Persistent wet soil, Palustrine with areas currently being farmed.

  • The majority of the area of investigation is considered agricultural cropland and is classified as uplands.

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