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Have you ever wondered why some communities have that special environment that makes it clear this is where you want to live and work and play?


The answer is that it is a community in which the public and private sectors have made a commitment to planning, designing, and building just the right mix of residential, commercial, industrial, public, and recreational land uses. In other words, creating a community you want to call home.


Located in Menasha, Wisconsin with a branch office in Omro, Wisconsin, Martenson & Eisele is dedicated to serving people who are committed to planning, designing, and building a better community in which to live, work, and play. People like you. We offer a comprehensive range of planning, surveying, engineering, and architectural services to help you . . . Plan It. Design It. Build It.


At Martenson & Eisele, "Plan" is a verb. We do a lot of planning. A single lot development for a landowner; large subdivisions and commercial projects for developers; comprehensive plans for counties, cities, villages, and towns. "Plan" is also a noun. It's a document that guides our private and public sector clients in the development of land and communities. Most importantly, "Plan" is a philosophy. The work we do for you is well thought out. Expectations are clearly defined. We plan the work and work the plan.


Tuning an idea into reality - Map of Lake Park Villas, Menasha, WI    


It's the details of your project that determine whether or not it will be a success. From what you see, to what you don't see, we pay attention to the details when we design your project. Sometimes the design work is technical, like sewer, water, and streets, where specific rules and regulations must be met. Other times the design work allows us to show our more creative side for such things as building facades and interiors, park and playground design, and landscaping.


Planning and designing are the first two steps of the project. The final step of building is when it becomes real. An open field becomes a welcoming environment of home sites, parks, trails, and ponds a neighborhood. A commercial area is revitalized with new and renovated buildings and an attractive streetscape. A beautifully landscaped business park that offers the latest in technology enhances economic development opportunities. The investment you've made starts providing you with a return.

    Lake Park Villas - Menasha, WI

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